These core values are at the heart of Overq and are reflected in every aspect of our work ethos.


Overq textile and accessories has created a sustainable network of first-class factories  becoming the most reliable and quality-driven partner. By creating synergies between our core assets in sourcing, fashion expertise and brand building, we offer added value for our clients.


Our in-depth product understanding and international manufacturing efficiency thanks to our team as well as international experts, managers, product developers, designers, sales personnel and quality assurance staff, guarantees the highest standard of product and quality innovations .


We understand our clients’ product needs regarding look, fit and feel. We bring the various aspects needed to produce high-quality goods to the table – on-going fabric research, modern design and efficient and quality-proof production.


Üretim yerlerimiz, müşterilerimiz için güvenli ve çevre dostu ürünler üretme hedefimize ulaşmada lider bir rol oynamaktadır; bu nedenle Davranış Kurallarımızı tamamen ve koşulsuz olarak taahhüt etmelidirler. Üretim yerlerimiz % 100 BSCI onaylıdır ve güvenli ve sağlıklı çalışma ortamları sağlamak için düzenli denetimler ve kontrollerden geçirilir.


Through economy of scale and the large base of an international factory network, we can handle mass production as well as small one-off orders. Our large business volume enables us to pool orders and place them in combination, thus optimizing factory production capacity

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